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Good Evening Ninja!
I thought this picture looked best in black and white just because it makes my NNBB and watch stand out that much more. i love wearing these two things together because they are both made of the same material and look awesome next to each other. I get compliments on my watch all time since it doesnt really look like one i guess, but  I’m really waiting for the day someone asks me what NN stands for. I have yet to think of an appropriate explanation for when they do ask, although i guess it would depend on who is asking… I’ll likely say its some super secret tumblr cult and they should google it if they want to know more ;) 

I admire a ninja that stays elusive, I know some of us jump at the chance to explain NN and I appreciate everyone who shares. But I can definitely understand the need to sway the question into a different direction and encourage their own investigation. You captured the veins in your wrists, hands and cock so nicely. And I also like how your watch and NNBB compliment each other. Thanks for the submission. 

I just want to say that I loved this weeks theme. A couple of months ago I busted out my tuxedo to do a photoshoot in, thankfully it still fit. I got it in high school since I needed it for all the music performances I was in, and it doubled as a tux for dances. It was a little big then, but I’ve filled out quite a bit since graduation thankfully! Had to make it black and white too — tuxedos look better that way in my opinion.

A man in a tux. Yes please. You’re right, the black and white does bode well for tuxs but i have a feeling this photo has some selling points that have nothing to do with the color tone of the photo. 

I’m a skinny guy, so I love a good pair of skinny, form-fitting jeans, like this sea-foam green, raw denim pair. Boxers get bunched up in them, so I have to rock something tight underneath, or occasionally nothing at all. Bonus in all of this: I always have a nice little bulge going, which just makes me feel sexy as hell.
Thanks!   deathbycoochie

I’m a fan of slim-fitting jeans as well, so I know the troubles. It probably explains my preference for tighter undies, and eventually my move to briefs. Sea-foam is an interesting, and I definitely can’t pull it off that well. I’m sure after this, there are some people out there who want to pull those off as well. ;)

Doors of Perception. From Chained Muscle site. Amalaric

…feeling love tonight.

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